A MORTGAGE expert has revealed his top tips for successfully getting a loan in today’s high-inflation economy.

Brian McCauley has spent the past 17 years working in the financial services sector and came into the industry three years before the 2008 crash.

McCauley, founder and owner of Dallas Mortgage News, said despite there being a lot of doom and gloom about inflation and interest rates it currently is a “great time” to buy.

“Even though interest rates are up, it’s actually a great time for buyers to get a home,” he exclusively told The US Sun.

“Yes, the rate and payment aren’t ideal but that rate is temporary and refinance options will be available in the next 12-24 months so they can lower the rate and payment.

“During a ‘cooling’ housing market, it gives buyers the upper hand now that more inventory is available.

“Not only can they ‘find’ a home but the opportunity to get a discount on the home, via the price, seller paid closing costs or repairs at seller’s expense, is almost at an all-time high so the opening for buyers is definitely there.”

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