“The fact that each and everyday we are able to be on a journey with our clients in purchasing one of the biggest purchases of their life, continuously inspires me,” shares certified mortgage advisor Brian McCauley. The Dallas native and Texas Tech graduate has over 15 years of experience within the mortgage industry, winning several awards along the way for outstanding performance in sales and customer service.

McCauley’s unparalleled work ethic and grit makes his approach to the business unique, while a strong focus on building a large network of clients outside of the real estate industry – such as CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors and other financial-services related associates – gives him a unique perspective, making the lending process work for each individualized client. He and his team have garnered a reputation for themselves in Dallas for their high-level, specialized approach to the mortgage business.

“I never give up and have always known I wanted to lead a team. I make goals annually. Not only do I want to accomplish them, but try and exceed them to the best of my ability,” says McCauley. “This industry just clicked with my skills and it was just a good fit for me all around – I like to work hard and help as many people as I can in the process.”

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